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If you see the title that you've searched below article in the table of results, it means torrent that you’re looking for is probably forbidden to share due to copyright complaints and that's why it's hard to find file's download sources in google search. Google search engine constantly removes results from torrent sites for this reason. In this case go and visit popular torrent sites and search for your file there or use just torrent search engines. How works? Each user has 100% guarantee that every file named like these from the RED LIST in every article was deleted by DMCA at least on 1 ~torrent site, so it’s highly protected by dmca.

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    You get info if searched file sharing is forbidden by DMCA thanks to table of results. With this information you will stop looking for this file in google search and start in torrent search engines or popular torrent sites. Remember to use VPS before download. Remember that you are downloading the file at your own risk.



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    The list will also help if you are the owner of torrent site and you upload and share only legal torrents. Our website shows what files are forbidden and which ones are free to share in the Internet.



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    Our large red list is based on google webmaster notifications; torrent sites and torrent search engines are getting tons of dmca complaints in Google Webmaster Tools each day. We just collect them from many websites and add new phrases to big database daily. Well, you have 100% guarantee that every file named like these from the list on every page was deleted by DMCA at least on one torrent site.


    What is

    This Torrent DMCA Status checker finds movies, tv series & more and compare to our big list of "forbidden torrents". You can also see movie reviews, descriptions, rating, galleries, cast and more. Full record of phrases protected by DMCA has daily updates, we add more and more titles each day. How it helps? shows to users what files are strictly forbidden and which ones are free to upload. It also helps when you're the owner of any torrent site and you need to know which torrent gets DMCA requests and is constantly removed from google search. Thanks to our service you are ableto create torrent site free from dmca complaints! The list also explains why particular file that you have just searched is a bit hard to find in google. Usually if you see the title that you need on page in "Similar titles protected by dmca" area, you should better stop searching this in google search and try to use torrent search engines such us torrentz2 or just visit popular torrent sites like piratebay/kickass. We also warn you about the criminal liability a user may encounter after downloading DMCA-banned files. Notice that in some countries downloading torrents is strictly forbidden by law.