Submit name/title of any file you are the author of & add this to our list; thanks to this all visitors will see if particular file sharing is forbidden and protected by copyrights or not.

You can add many titles/names in the one tour, but they must be separated by enter. Optional, in the second window you can add direct link to particular DMCA notice on contains your file name as proof it's really forbidden by DMCA (example: link going to




How it works?

For example if you're the owner/creator of "Deadpool" movie or you have rights to this video and you want to tell people not to share this file anywhere, simply submit "Deadpool" in first window above and add link going to DMCA notice on contains full complaint as a proof in 2nd window. Adding link is optional, you can submit only phrase. Additionally, you can add a big number of titles in one tour, just please separate them by enter. From now our dmca status checker will be showing this title as (forbidden) on the list after anyone searches for phrase "Deadpool" or similar. The same applies to the protection of games, software, TV shows, applications, private tutorials, etc.


How to test it?

Submit the name of your work above (let's say it will be "Titanic"). Then type this phrase in our search bar and click "Search!". After it you will see a list of similar-looking phrases forbidden by DMCA added by users and admin. Phrase that you've added should be visible on the list. Sometimes you can also see short file description, reviews & gallery.


How it helps?

You can add direct link (optional) to DMCA complaint going to ( for example ) below the window contains title of the file to make your notice more legit. This says the notice is serious and inform people about the consequences of sharing data files on the internet. This also sends a MESSAGE to all people who wants to share your work in the web: "If you share files whose names are in the red list, you may face legal consequences or in the worst case pay a compensation to the media right's owner. Additionally, Google will remove link to page/url contains forbidden content from its search results, they may also lower position of your whole site in the search engine.